Saturday, April 30, 2005


Random Words (turned into a rant)

When the crickets fly over the moon shine I will lay in fields of sunshine and rhinestone and chill me to the bone and the stone my Dave Matthews lullaby bye bye bye n’sync and crazy for your little crouching tiger and hidden monkey and donkey talking walking breathing life into me like a prayer your voice will take me there and lift me up when I’m falling 40 days with or without you, I can’t live, U2 and UB40 and in the springtime of his voodoo with headless chickens and spastic women and rain falling on my face, traces of you, traces of blue without a clue, you are my glue. My poo...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005



Monkey Love

Got no clue what's goin' on?

Just visit "Mustache Pete’s Desserts"

Tuesday, April 26, 2005



Holding on
To whispers
Lost somewhere
Between where
You found me
And where
You lost me
Once more...

Chiffon, lace and tweed
Desperate and disparaged
Trimming the ends
Running after you always
But my high heels won't let me
Not this time...

He fades again
For what?
Another starless sky
Another callous goodbye
Another "there there, dry your eyes"...

Awry amore
Bottled up
I’m spilling out
Unable to contain
These remains
Pale in pallor
Visibility nil
Still I try to seek you out...

Monday, April 25, 2005


Sexist (but funny) Quote of the day

"Women should be obscene and not heard"
--Groucho Marx

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Happy 4:20

cheech and chong

A little background on 4:20

here's what the (urban) dictionary has to say about it..

Sunday, April 17, 2005


Pipe Dream...


Pipe dream. n. "A fantastic notion or vain hope".

Alluding to the fantasies induced by smoking an opium pipe, (this term has been used more loosely since the late 1800's).

e.g: "I have this pipe dream about winning an Olympic gold medal in the 100 m freestyle".

(That is but one of many)

So, What's YOUR pipe dream?


How Bizarre...

monkey in car

That's a photograph I took here in Kuwait of a guy driving with a monkey on his lap...

Here's the lowdown:
So I was driving down the Gulf Road Thursday night, and I happen to look to my right--- and there it was... A little monkey. All dressed up in a shirt and everything. Luckily I was at a red light, so I was able to get a better look.
After laughing my ass off, I politely asked the dude if I could take a picture of his monkey...

So there you have it...

Kuwait: Land of the Bizarre.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Rum & Monkey

The Goddamn Rock Solid Ghetto Shiznit Name Generator

(brought to you by Rum & Monkey)

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Birthday Haiku

Amunki's birthday
I fear all the candles will
Set the house on fire...

Saturday, April 09, 2005


My New Favourite Song...

"Everest" - by Ani Difranco

From the depth of the pacific
To the height of Everest
And still the world is smoother
Than a shiny ball-bearing
So I take a few steps back
And put on a wider lens
And it changes your skin,
Your sex, and what your wearing
Distance shows your silloutte
To be a lot like mine
Like a sphere is a sphere
And all of us here have been here all the time

You brought me to church,
Cinder blocks, flourescent light
You brought me to church
At 7 o'clock on Sunday night
And the band was rocking
And the floors were scrubbed clean
And everybody had a tambourine

So I took a deep breath
And became The white girl with the hair
And you sat right beside me
While everybody stared
And through the open window
I think the singing went outside
And floated up to tell all the stars not to hide
Cuz by the time church let out
The sky was much clearer
And the moon was so beautiful,
That the ocean held up a mirror

As we walked home we spoke slowly
We spoke slow,
And we spoke lowly
Like it was taking more time
Than usual to choose
The words to go
With your squeaky sandle shoes
Like time is not a thing
That's ours to lose

From the height of the pacific
To the depths of everest

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Run From Fear

run from fear

Monday, April 04, 2005


Orange Crush...

Here are the lyrics to R.E.M's "Orange Crush" (in honor of my new orange template)

Follow me, don't follow me
I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush
Collar me, don't collar me
I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush
We are agents of the free
I've had my fun and now its time to
Serve your conscience overseas (over me, not over me)
Coming in fast, over me
High on the booze
in a tent
paved with blood,
nine-inch howl,
brave the night,
chopper comin' in, you hope.
We'd circle and we'd circle and we'd circle to stop and consider and
centered on the pavement stacked up all the trucks jacked up and
our wheels in slush and orange crush in pocket and all this here county
hell any county it's just like heaven here and I was remembering and I
was just in a different county and all then this whirlybird that I
headed for I had my goggles pulled off I knew it all I knew every back
road and every truck stop

Sunday, April 03, 2005


I am "Raiders of the Lost Ark"...

I am the human equivalent of the Indiana Jones movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

What classic movie are you?


I am JFK...

Apparently, I am the female equivalent of JFK...

What famous leader are you?

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