Saturday, January 27, 2007



Attention everyone -- my blog is moving!

I'm upgrading to the new blogger/beta/google-powered thing...

So I thought it would be a good chance to change the address.

By the end of this week (i.e by Jan 31st) , it will change to the following:

So for those of you hyper-linking me on your blogs -- make sure you update that shizz! :)

Monday, January 22, 2007


Stupid Car of the Week # 14

life free or dia

I caught this stunner from the corner of my eye (outside of Souq Al Salmiya), and I thought "Oh, hellllll no..."

So, in the middle of Friday night traffic, I literally got out of the car, and walked 10 cars back to capture this beauty.

I'm guessing this poor guy was going for the more motivational phrase:

"Live Free, Or Die."

but it ended up:

"Life Free, Or Dia"

* Doesn't it just make you cringe?

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Gun-virgin, no more...


So, I fired a gun in a shooting range a couple days ago...
[Above is my actual target]

It was my first time and I had mixed feelings about it.
I must say, I am completely against guns, so this was no easy step.

Some friends wanted to go, and I thought, why the hell not. I'll try anything once.

Initially, it was difficult to get accustomed to the perpetual "bangs". It was quite unnerving. You can't help but flinch the first 30 times.

I decided to start small, and go with the .22 semi-automatic.

I felt a slight nausea/weakness in my knees when I first held it.
A real gun! With real bullets! Aaaah!
It felt so unnatural.
However, after my (awesome) instructor gave me my 6-minute "tutorial", I was more at ease.

Oddly, I found it to be exciting (and highly educational) to learn about the calibers, loading the magazine, how to aim/shoot from different distances, etc.

Consider it a lesson in applied physics, if you will...

He made me focus on Heart and Head shots.
For me it was more about precision and accuracy - it had absolutely nothing to do with violence/rage/venting.

It was about aiming for a target and hitting it, creating a sense of achievement.
You shoot, you score. Yaaaay!

(Kind of like getting a "strike" when bowling. )

Yup. I never thought I'd live to see the day that I shoot 20 rounds in less than 20 minutes...
And I actually might (dare I say it) go back again sometime soon.

So don't mess with Munki, cuz I be poppin' caps sucka!

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Stupid Car of the Week # 13


Ok. There's a lot happening here.
So let's break this down:

a) A "Mohammad" heart sticker in Arabic.
(Pro-Prophet sticker popularized after the Danish-cartoon fiasco)

b) More little Mohammad hearts on the right side.
(descending by size, for dramatic effect)

c) "Ma Sha'Allah" sticker in Arabic.
(Rough translation: "What Allah Wills" i.e. God's will.)

d) The random letter "Y" sticker in English.
(Why, oh Why ?)

e) The commanding phrase "Don't Trust Ladies!!!"
(Ummm... As opposed to Men being trustworthy?)

f) And lastly, the abbreviation "DTL" for the aforementioned phrase.
(Just in case you want to keep it gangsta).


This "seemingly religious" dude has got some serious trust-issues with the opposite sex, ey?

All this on a vintage black Chevrolet Caprice no less...

And the crazy part is that I found this odd-ball at the parking lot of my office.


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