Sunday, September 24, 2006


The Holy Month of Detox...

happy ramadan card

No Eating
No Drinking
No Smoking
No Sex
No Pill-popping
(And the worst one of all...)
No Ice-cream!

Ummm... I'm confused... So tell me again -- Why is it that everyone is so cranky??

Happy Abstinence Y'all...

[Note: I made other versions of this card, which I might submit later - depending on comments. -- hint hint.]

Sunday, September 17, 2006


50 Things I Would Be...

1.- If I were a fruit I'd be... A Raspberry
2.- If I were a colour I'd be... Periwinkle
3.- If I were an animal I'd be... A Wolf
4.- If I were a domestic appliance I'd be... A Blender
5.- If I were a book I'd be... "Schott’s Original Miscellany" – by Ben Schott
6.- If I were a clothing item I'd be... Crazy Socks (*or your favourite pair of Jeans)
7.- If I were a jewel / stone I'd be... Lapis Lazuli
8.- If I were an object I'd be... A Fountain Pen
9.- If I were a car I'd be... A Mini Cooper Cabrio (*or a VW hippie van)
10.- If I were an element I'd be... Fire
11.- If I were a tree I'd be... A Birch tree (*or a super-tropical palm)
12.- If I were a drink I'd be... Red Bull :p
13.- If I were an ice cream flavor I'd be... German Chocolate
14.- If I were a person I'd be... Myself
15.- If I were a planet I'd be... Saturn
16.- If I were an insect I'd be... A Dragonfly
17.- If I were a form of public transport I'd be... A Monorail
18.- If I were a song I'd be... "Bohemian Rhapsody" (many styles in one song)
19.- If I were a movie I'd be... "Baraka" (* or "Monty Python & The Holy Grail")
20.- If I were a season I'd be... Summer
21.- If I were a flower I'd be... An Iris
22.- If I were a job I'd be... National Geographic Photographer
23.- If I were a cartoon I'd be... Some sort of Anime
24.- If I were a place I'd be... An Art Gallery
25.- If I were a gift I'd be... A home-made one
26.- If I were a memory I'd be... A memory of laughter
27.- If I were a city I'd be... San Francisco
28.- If I were a sense I'd be... Sound
29.- If I were a game I'd be... Jeopardy!
30.- If I were a candy I'd be... A Gummy Bear
31.- If I were a time of the day I'd be... 2 am (* or maybe sunrise)
32.- If I were an invention I'd be... A Camera
33.- If I were a body-part I'd be... Hands
34.- If I were a country I'd be... Peru (* or Japan)
35.- If I were a flavor I'd be... Tangy
36.- If I were a sport I'd be... Fencing
37.- If I were a smell I'd be... Something "Earthy"
38.- If I were a subject I'd be... Music
39.- If I were a flag I'd be... One that's not rectangular...
40.- If I were a building I'd be... Something designed by Gaudi
41.- If I were a month I'd be... April
42.- If I were a perfume I'd be... Hmmm... Maybe "Stella"
43.- If I were a gummy candy I'd be... A bear! LOL
45.- If I were a toy I'd be... A Rubik's Cube (*or a frisbee -- weeeee)
46.- If I were a textile / fabric I'd be... Canvas
47.- If I were a shape I'd be... An Ellipse (* or a Moebius)
48.- If I were a answer I'd be... A long one...
49.- If I were a store I'd be... A Vintage shop
50.- If I were a word I'd be... "Groovy" (* or "Random")

(* It's VERY hard for me to narrow it down to one answer, so I cheated on a few )

Ok. Your turn.

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