Monday, November 29, 2004


50 Things I Am Thankful For...

After reading SheWrites' Thanksgiving post, I decided to be a copycat and do my own list...

So here goes:

1. Music and music download sites

2. My headphones

3. Art (and artists)

4. Pretty boys

5. Mama Fusla (She is the best)

6. Nokia

7. Being born female (I’m kinda getting used to it after all these years)

8. Re-runs of my favorite old t.v. shows

9. My external hard drive (for hooking me up with an extra 40 gigs)

10. The miracle that we know as "Google"

11. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

12. German Chocolate Cake

13. Green Tea

14. Sugarfree Red Bull

15. Cherry Chapstick

16. Sultan Center (for being the one of the only 24 hour places)

17. Architecture/ Design magazines

18. Tori Amos

19. Ani Difranco

20. My guitar (although I haven't touched it lately)

21. Good manicures/pedicures

22. Muscle cars for being so bad-ass...

23. Shiseido skin-care products

24. My Orthodontist

25. My Sunglasses

26. Disposable contact lenses

27. Iranian flatbread (‘7ubiz Irani, yum yum)

28. Conan O’Brien

29. GOD(iva)

30. Treadmills

31. Getting OFF that fucking Atkins diet!

32. My ability to voice an opinion and not give a shit what people think

33. My various cameras (old-school Polaroid gets a special shout-out)

34. Photoshop and editing software

35. Beirut

36. Johnny Rockets Chocolate Milkshakes

37. Carrot Cake at Zahra Café (nothing like it)

38. Incense sticks

39. Having friends who don’t judge me

40. Being an only child

41. Living on my own floor

42. Fat Black Markers that can really mark (SheWrites' and Tata will get this)

43. My "guy in Hawalli" who hooks me up with dvd’s

44. ALL things Japanese

45. Little babies and their cute itty bitty toes

46. My toes (Thanks for your support --ugh, another BAD pun)

47. Clean air and water

48. Hippies and Hemp (That's 2 items, but they kinda go together by default, don’t they?)

49. National Geographic Magazine for being so bad-ass...

50. Angelina Jolie (I can not say enough about this woman)

Sunday, November 28, 2004


You want fries with that?

I'm sure you've all seen the "motivational posters".
Ones with words like "Teamwork", featuring rowers on a boat working as a team etc...

So I thought I'd post this version, as it is not only funny, but also quite accurate for those of us who live in the generation of "McJobs"...


Bleak Haiku

This bleak afternoon
A vacancy in my heart
Mind is empty too...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Damn Dust

It rises and blankets my light
I turn inwards
Seeking solace in a scarf
Ochre and grey merge in the sky
The chill whips through
Stained by sand...


I am sick to death of this fucking dust.
Sick of it.
(And literally sick BECAUSE of it-- allergies).

Note to self: Being allergic to dust is reason enough to emigrate.

Sunday, November 21, 2004


Version 2.0

Variables are scattered
Very little matters
Autumn full-blown
I’m sunny side up
Not so bright inside
Again I think of summer
Sinking into my tea
Woe is
Sighing my way through the day
Not the person I used to be
Diluted into another girl
Version 2.0
I should have never come back...

Saturday, November 20, 2004


How Stuff Works

This has got to be one of the best and most useful websites out there...

Some Random Examples:

How nuclear bombs work

How the Enzo Ferarri works

How Segways work

How fire-walking works

How Beer works

How Chocolate works

How Tattoos work

And so on...



An Article on Articles

Of clothing that is...

From last Wednesday’s (Nov.17th) "Arab Times" newspaper.
(Featured on the bottom of page 1, then cont’d on page 6)

Here it is "verbatim" (poor grammar and all):


Day by Day:

According to sources one of the girls schools (name withheld) presented precious gifts to two students in front of all others at the morning assembly for wearing hejab.

From what we know prizes and gifts are given to those students who excel in their studies. Prizes are not distributed for social behaviour, which itself is under dispute. This may upset other students who are not wearing hejab. They may feel they are following deviant behaviour, which is not accepted by our religion, and may feel forced to follow suit.

Religion is for Allah, the country and all of us. It’s time the Education Minister makes a move.

by Zahad Matar


I don’t think I’ll even comment on this one...

Friday, November 19, 2004


Just Another "Manic-Munki"...

(Yes, the title of this post is a bastardized version of that old "Bangles" song "Manic Monday")

Feeling agressive
Amunki is on the loose
Better watch your back

Flashback ------> George Michael's song "Monkey"

(Chorus lyrics):
Why can’t you do it?
Why can’t you set your monkey free?
Always giving in to it
Do you love your monkey or do you love me?
Why can’t you do it?
Why do I have to share my baby with a monkey?

(the bridge)
Don’t look now
There’s a monkey on your back
Don’t look now
There’s a monkey on you


Note: I had a few complaints about my previous template, so I'ma try dis one out...

Note II: Stencil graffiti courtesy of "Banksy".

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Science and Snack Foods

I like Physics.
I like Twinkies.

This is what happens when you mix Physics with Twinkies.

Monday, November 15, 2004


Randomania of the day...

As some of you may (or may not) know, I do this thing where I write down random words. There is no thought-process allowed. Just let the words flow. One leads to another etc.

Please check these examples in my older posts to see what I mean...

e.g. 1

e.g. 2

p.s. I love when y'all send me your lists, so "hint hint"...

Note: I will NOT psycho-analyze you or make judgments of any sort when it comes to the words you choose or their sequence. So please, do not feel the need to censor yourselves...

So, with that little disclaimer out of the way, here goes...

Unrehearsed and unedited, my improv random word list of the day:


cave man
Ringo Starr
moo goo gai pan
lo pan
big trouble, little china
blue (again)


Saturday, November 13, 2004


Go To Hell...

Let's face it--- We're all going to hell...

You might ask yourself:
"Hmmm, I wonder what level I shall be dwelling for all of eternity, and what the topographic/atmospheric/thermal conditions will be like---not to mention, who my room-mates are".

Well my friends, look no further...

I give you the "Dante's Inferno Test".

So please, I urge you to take this test and share your fate with the rest of us on this Blessed Eid.
(Apparently, Amunki is bound for Level 2)

Oh yeah... Happy Eid and all that...

(Note: This was inspired by some Eid Shadiness)

Thursday, November 11, 2004


"Couples Therapy" Anyone??

Don'tcha just love being stared at by an "affectionately-challenged" couple?

(click on image to see what I'm talking about)

Monday, November 08, 2004


I Am A Corporate Vandal...

The corporate Antichrist.

Everytime I go into one, I end up doing this (been doing it for a couple years now).
I block out the letters to create what you see here. I always carry like 10 pens in my bag at all times, and I usually do this on the paper cups...

Last time however, a certain someone (who shall remain nameless), encouraged me to have some "Cojones" and do it on an actual porcelain mug.

So being the rebellious "deviant" that I am, I whipped out my "Sharpie" (permanent marker--cuz I always carry one around) and I went to work...

So there you have it...
My iconic tribute to this corporate-coffee-giant.

And I shall leave you with something I wrote years ago (back in 1999)
(note: look at their logo when you read this---it will make more sense that way).

"Semi-Ode to Starbucks"

The Mark of the Beast
The Sign
The Star -- Precious Pentagram
The Woman -- Bewitching Temptress of Evil
The Waves -- A sign of The Flood that is to come
Drowning all of humanity...
Enslaving the world
With her potent drink
Leaving all
And penniless...

Disclaimer: I realize I am a hypocrite by continuing to visit their cafes. I admit it. In terms of "java quality" I think Costa is better. Even Second Cup is better.
In fact, most places serve better coffee. It's just that there are so many god-damned Starbucks' all over the place, that you can't help but stumble into one.
Every damn mall, coop society, educational and recreational facility, hotel, health club and coming soon to a Diwaniya near you with their over-priced, over-hyped, frappe-iced-this and strawberry-that and the ultra-evil caramel macchiatto (umm.. wait, I kinda like that one... Nix that last thought.)

So, with that said, I hope I start my little clan of Starbucks deviants.
Go! Go I tell you...
Vandalize their mugs and cups. Do it with pride and tell 'em Amunki sent you.
Remember, for every "fuck off" you create, 100 fils will be donated to the:
"Save the Iraqi Children (from ever having to try this shitty coffee)" Foundation.

So, think of the children...

---Have a nice day---


Tool (a.k.a The Greatest Rock Band in the World)

So I decided to opt for a "rock-filled" post for you on this Monday morning...

Quick flashback, the lyrics to "the greatest song in the world" by Tenacious D (Comedy/Rock band comprised of Jack Black and his buddy Kyle Gass)

To quote my dear friend from one of his music posts:
For those of you living in a cave, and have never heard their music (or heard of them at all) "TOOL" is quite possible the finest rock band ever. Ever...
(You can quote me on that).

I will forever be thankful to "my Ex" for introducing me this band way back in 1996.

Now, I will spare you the details of the band’s background etc.
Just go to Their website. You can find out whatever you need there.

Instead, I will just focus on how much they rock...

I know some of you fellow "rockers" might disagree. So please, before you send me a "Metallica Rules" or "Zeppelin Forever" comment, keep in mind that as much as I like other bands, they all seem to fade in comparison, and nothing you can do or say will sway my opinion.

I love all genres of music. I listen to everything.
From rock to alternative to folk to techno to pop to country to classical to (gasp) Arabic (as of late). You name it--I’ll give it a try.

I am about as insane about music as Dewey Finn (Jack Black’s character) was in "School of Rock".

Remember that diagram he drew? The one with Rock music evolution
Yeah...I am that way.

So, back to Tool.
Here's the thing that gets me.
As amazing as the band's musicianship is (and they are DAMN GOOD musicians), it is paralleled (if not exceeded) by their unbelievable achievement in creating the most stunning and intricate music videos ever made (all directed by their brilliant guitarist Adam Jones).
They are mostly clay-mation/stop-motion. Very macabre.
They are something else. Really.
If you have not been so lucky as to have witnessed a video by Tool, I pity you. You poor thing. You have missed out.

But it's never too late... I think you can see them here.

I am a music lover. Hence, the AUDIO is everything to me.
But I am also a "Perceiver" (ENFP), and so the VIDEO is equally as important to me. So, that combination of superb A/V technical ability, had me instantly sold.

Not to mention kick-ass lyrics and the voice of Maynard James Keenan. My God. That voice.
I can not even describe it.
The man can perform with a hushed comforting (tribal/eastern-influenced) tone, and then unleash a howl that will make you want your mommy...
(He is also by the way, the frontman for "A Perfect Circle" another side-band. As great as their music is, I believe his work with Tool is WAY better) .

Now... I'm not really here to "diss" other bands. God knows there are other amazing rock bands. However, nothing (and I mean nothing) has quite the same impact as Tool.

They have a way of combining amazing riffs and vocals. Your mood is instantly transformed. It's trance-inducing progressive metal, All the while, never sounding like over-processed rock/metal kitsch...

None of that bullshit "Nu-metal" with whining rockers turned rappers trying to sound all "hard". Just a few "wiggas" influenced by BOTH rock and rap.
Yeah. Ok. That's cool and all. But it’s out-dated bullshit ("I did it all for the nookie? So you can take that cookie?")
And oh, to sound all hard, he says: "you can take that cookie, and stick it up your"...
Seriously. That is the epitome of lameness and "suckage"

(note: The only good song Limp Bizkit ever had was "Counterfeit" from their first album (and it was only good cuz it was a blantanly "Korn"-influenced track).

If anything, Tool is quite the intelligent and "sensitive" band. You can tell by the way that Maynard executes the vocals. He sounds so vulnerable (but never cheesy). It's like really hard-core "Emo". The subject matter is often dark and very deep.

They are not a poser band that tries too hard.

They are shocking, but not in that "we're-trying-to-appeal-to-young-angry-teenagers-who-want-to-rebel-by-acting-all-goth" like Marilyn Manson.

They have strong viewpoints, but not too politically driven like "Rage Against the Machine".

They are known, but not overly commercialized.

And dude, they collaborate with the coolest people (like Tori Amos on the song "Muhammad my friend", and with Henry Rollins in "Bottom"---one of their finest tracks).
If you are reading---I love you Henry Rollins (I saw you twice live on your "spoken word tour" and you said "Hi" to me--- Shit, I sound like a groupie)

Anyway, I could go on and on about what makes this band so awesome.

My favorite album is perhaps Aenima (because it was the first one I really got absorbed in). Opiate and Undertow are just brilliant, and Lateralus (their last one) is filling my ears right now as I type this. (To provide a little inspirato, if you will)

Right now one of my favorite songs of all time is playing "Schism".

Here's my favorite part (it's a little breakdown towards the end of the song).
I love the way he sings this:

Cold silence has
A tendency to
Atrophy any
Sense of compassion...
Between supposed brothers
Between supposed lovers...

---then the band rocks out---

Anyway, on that note, I will leave you.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Calling all computer geeks...

Here's some Eye Candy for all you computer geeks (and make sure you check out all the specs, this is truly remarkable).
Guaranteed to make the hearts of true "technophiles" race...
(Who needs centerfolds, when you have this?)


Well, Shit...

Here we go again
Four more years of that dick-head
F.U. Ohio...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


The Big Day...

The big day is here.
Vote vote vote...
(Yeah yeah, being a female in Kuwait doesn’t exactly make me feel that empowered when the issue of voting is brought up).

Anyway, back to my point...

I swear, if "Dubya" gets re-elected I am going to fucking cry.
In the sad case that he does, I will be hosting the "3aza" at my place, with light refreshments. For we will witness the death of logic and reason...

I’m not saying Kerry is the savior. Not by a long shot.
But do we really need to endure 4 more years with that Texan imbecile?
Dude... I don’t even want to get into it.

On a lighter note,
Check this out

Go to "Amusements", then click "Wordify".
It's pretty damn funny.

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