Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Haiku of the day

Stirring my senses
With your lukewarm sentiments
Bitter, decaf love

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


What's Your McFaith?

As a staunch atheist, George Carlin (well-known comedian) often denounces the idea of God...

So in mockery, he invented a fake religion (for a contest) called:


---"A belief that when you die, your soul gets flung onto a roof and just stays there and can not be retrieved"...

So Whaddaya say we have our own little contest?

Here's my submission for invent-a-religion:

"Buddhi-ism" (pronounced "Booty-ism")

---"A belief that comp"ASS"ion and tappin' that "Buddhi" are the path to enlightenment..

So go on and submit your own... (Bonus points for originality)

NOTE: The winner gets to spend all of eternity in a heavenly paradise surrounded by 72 nymphomaniac virgins (or some shit like that)

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