Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Stupid Car of the Week # 11


No, your eyes do not deceive you. This actually DOES say:

Put your finger in your nose
& think about the future

Yep -- I found this beauty in Shuwaikh a couple days ago.
You can't make this stuff up folks...

It's: Lame, silly, odd, lame, perhaps semi-philosophical (in that cynical way), and oh, did I same LAME?

I can't decide if it's clever and deep on some level, or if it's the dumbest shit I have seen to date..
Damn... I think I have run out of sarcastic remarks.

On second thought: I'd like to tell him where else he can put his finger -- How's your future now buddy?

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Stupid Graffiti of the Week...

free boy


Free Boy + Heart & Arrow + Swastika + Greek Cross = WTF?

Ok... So I'm all about the "artist's right to freedom of expression" yadda yadda..
But this is just plain terrible.
Poor composition.
Incoherent flow of "symbols".
Terrible application.
And "Free Boy"??? whaaaaaaa??

It's so bad, it hurts my feelings...

"Street art" in this country needs a serious kick in the @$$.
So, I'm thinking of starting a "Mu7awil Makeover" crew.
Who's with me?

(Note: Image brought to you by - Crap Mu7awil in Jabriya)

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