Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Go on -- Choke your chicken...

choke your chicken

The latest new "toy" as seen (2 days ago) in Sultan Center - Souq Sharq...

Choking chickens is not only mean but 7aram!!
What's next, electracute a rooster?

Damn infidel toys!

We must boycot this product and demand it be replaced by sharbal the sheep & 3abbas the butcher
Honestly, I didn't know the "chocking the chiken" was another expression for ... um you know ... choking the chiken. LOL

but the image with that hand left nothign to my imagination.

O burmuthaaan ba3ad!!!

good one
I know, right?

What's next?

Toys named:

Flogging the Dolphin?
Beating the Bishop?
or Stroking the Salami?
I want one :) Can you get it, please please please!
haha!! the best thing about this is that its an adult's (looks like a man's) hand thats choking the chicken and not a little kid!
i wonder if they even realize what they're selling =P
And this got off the drawing board, past the proto-type team, onto the production line, through QA Inspections, to the Marketing Team and was actually approved for purchase. Are there really this many ridiculous people in the world? Don't answer that... let me live in ignorant bliss.
It will be your Eid / Christmas / Hannukah / Birthday present...

Good observation...
(and as Mama Fusla pointed out to me earlier) it's a "novelty" item. Hence, not a kid's toy, per se... But yeah, the thought a grown man "literally" choking a chicken--well, that's some twisted shit!

haha... No they don't.

Unknown Entity:
It's unreal how many things actually make it to the market... And the crazy part is NOT that they manufacture it... But that people actually BUY things like this!

p.s. Don't worry Purg... I'll still get you one :p
Ah Yes...now we gonna see little boys running around yelling out..."Choke my chicken! Choke my chicken!"...if they only knew the double meaning. God Bless our kids.
OMG. like kids nowadays need any more encouragement to aggressive behaviour.
Tut tut, and they blame videogames for kiddie violence..
hahahahaha YEAHHHH YEAHHHH this company sounds ace, I should work in their marketing department

1- milking the lizard
2- jerkin the gerkin
3- murdering jesus
4- trippin billies?!?! it's a song but it sounds rude to me.

keep it up..literaly
I wonder if they'll come up with a version for girls...

...it's so nice here in the gutter.
This news article talks about the cruelty to animals message the toy sends.

My favorite line is the last one in the article, "This is a toy that is used to relieve stress, it's meant to be a bit of a giggle." This said by a senior company representative. Kinda makes you think they were fully aware of what they were selling. Jeesh.
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