Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Anger Management Anyone?


I am having a serious problems with this freakin' image posting business...
"Hello" can kiss my "Picasa". Both of them are shit.
It takes way too long to load/link anything.
What the hell am I doing wrong?
I don't want to spend all day posting a goddamn blog!
Amunki is getting frustrated.
This is not a good thing.

~ Sigh ~

So screw it...
Images can wait.
I'm going with simple text today.

So here's a Haiku for my PC:

Stupid piece of shit
Die stupid computer---Die
Die die die die die

It is complicated, but simple, I have a backwards way to do it, but I think mama can help too.
Mama don't know shizzle, except "Fusla" business.

Here is a Haiku to cheer you up

que pasa? Fusla!
Relax my pretty lady
your words are enough
Ok, then ask someone who knows how to use Hello, or I can help later today
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