Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Norse Mythology...

I was reading about Norse mythology and check this:
They used to believe in something called:
"Ginnunggap" (gi-nun-gap)
Which is the "Yawning Void" that existed before the creation of everything (including the Gods).
It is what was there before anything was there at all.
"Pre-creation" if you will.
I love the wording of it---"Yawning Void"
That's beautiful.
Sit down for a minute and REALLY think about what it means.
A yawning void before all of creation.
What a perfect description.

I can't get over it...

hmm question is, why are you reading this?

This concept exists in many cultures, and the viking culture is no different than others,
1) I read about anything and everything (so, don't ask why).

2) I know that the concept exists.
I simply like the phrasing of it...
yes, question is how do you end up finding these things?
Oh don't ask, you don't want to open doors you can't close.

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