Saturday, October 23, 2004


"Hatha & Hathaak" or "Hatha & That" or "This & Hathaak"

Listening to: Massive Attack (the "100th Window" album)

Wearing: Black

Feeling: Unappreciated (Awww... someone needs a hug)

Having: A weird hair day. I got a curly-huge-hair-thing goin' on... (But it looks cute).

Wish I was: In Paris, writing poetry in a small cafe somewhere...

Wish I could: Quit my job right now. Right now.

Wish I could speak: Farsi (I understand very little. I want to learn it properly though).

Wish I had more time to: Paint.

The Other day I: Went to a place called "Swensen's" (Ice cream Parlour). Dude, they have insanely huge desserts. They have this thing called the "Earthquake"---A dessert consisting of 8 Scoops. 8 Scoops!!!
Can you believe that?
I just had one, with a tiny bit of hot fudge topping and I felt guilty. I went home and did like 200 crunches.
Seriously... What is it with these HUGE, GARGANTUAN American portions lately? Jeeez.. It's like they'e trying to take over the world and make everyone obese while they're at it...
I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the U.S...Hell, I spent about 18 years of my life there, but my God...
Oh well. Enough about that.

Random thought:
Don't you just love getting your fresh new copy of a subscription magazine in the mail?

Quote of the day:
When you feel like giving up, ask yourself:
Will this make me look fat?
---Me (I said this yesterday to a friend on the phone)

Favorite new artist: The graffiti artist "Banksy" (Thanks for the heads-up Senor Botata) I love his work. Amazing Stencil ability. Excellent graphics. Excellent political messages. Top-notch.

My latest dilemma: I can't find cool shoes in Kuwait.
No I am not one of these obsessive females with a shoe-fetish. I simply want some comfy/cool shoes, without having to drive around for a whole day, and then settle on something from the "Athlete's Foot" or over-priced sneakers at Villa Moda. I am aware that we have thousands of places, but nothing strikes my fancy. It's mostly super-trendy gaudy stuff. Or super-uncomfortable pointy heels and shit. I swear the person who designed those needs to be stabbed with that pointy front a few times... See how your toes fit in that one genius... It's not like I'm a Perma-Birkenstocks chick. I just want cool shoes dammit! I don't want to have to order everything all the time. Hmmmm...We must remedy this problem...

Anyway, I feel like this is a completely pointless post.

I mean here I am, bitching about shoes, while people are drowning in floods, children are starving worldwide, and a woman is being raped every 26 seconds in Johannesburg, South Africa.

How's that for some perspective?

I think I need to re-adjust my priorities.
We should be thankful. Always think of the "what I DO HAVE" as opposed to the "what I DON'T HAVE"...
So don't forget to count your blessings people.
Ramadan Kareem
Allah Kareem.
(whoa, this post went a completely direction to what I had imagined)

Umm, if this post went the way you wanted it to be, I am wondering how it would be if it did not ??

Shoes, why not make your own. Then enjoy them...guilt free. Dont know where I got this but it goes something like this: "To be happy in this world one must be selfish."

How'd you spend those 18 years, and more importantly what the hell are you doing back.

What would you paint?

Who would you converse in Farsi with?

What would the topic of the poem be?

What sort of hell do work in?

What magazine dod you just recieve?

Ice cream makes me happy.

Happy blogging.
P-72: I do not know if it is possible to answer your question. I do not know the outcome if it were not this. I need to give this some serious thought.
( by the way, I am trying to sound like you :p )


Shady Q-80... I will attempt to answer your many questions:

Yes. I believe in Erisian chaos/discord (check my post on the Principia Discordia to understand what I mean by this).

Wish I had the skill to make my own. (clothes, I can do. But shoes---they would probably end up being moccasins)

To be happy in this world one must be selfish:
I disagree...I think selfish should be interchanged with "Self-LESS" :)

How'd you spend those 18 years, and more importantly what the hell are you doing back?:
Oh man... It's a long story. Let's just say I was born in Kuwait, but spent most of my life there.
What the hell I'm doing back---Your guess is as good as mine man... I seriously don't know why I am STILL here.
The plan was just a few months (and that turned into 3 years!!!)

What would you paint?:
Good question...Hmmm... Lately I've been doing more "collage" and images with captions. Lots of layering etc...

Who would you converse in Farsi with?
Anyone willing to converse in Farsi with me :)

What would the topic of the poem be?
I'd probably write a few "Haikus" and then an "Ode to Stereotypical French Things" (Like Berets, Baguettes and Accordians) :)

What sort of hell do work in?
The sort that of hell that works from 7:30-2:30 IN RAMADAN 6 days a week.

What magazine did you just receive?
A design magazine called "Icon".

Ice cream makes me happy:
Indeed. It is the source of much happiness. May I recommend a track by Sarah McLachlan called "Your love is better than ice-cream" (such a sweet song - pardon the pun)
Hey are you trying to copy my style (curly-big-hair-thing-goin’ on) However if it looks cute then it’s ok. :p

Your new poetry is really nice, did you ever try singing it?

Yes, I love the smell of a freshly printed magazine paper (gets me high).

Don’t buy shoes, at least for the sake of Iraqi Children.
"What is it with these HUGE, GARGANTUAN American portions lately? Jeeez"


I always thought it was GARGANTUAM...

HTML Links Tutorial.
*hugs you*

Your blog makes me think. Your posts make me smile in appreciation. You make me want to be your friend :)
Tata: Thanks for the links bro... (That Gestalt post is underway).

D&G: Wow... That's about the sweetest thing anyone has said to me in ages. I am beyond flattered **blush blush** :)

Here's a haiku just for you:

Electronic friends
Binary code unites us
Bless you internet!
Don't thank me, dear. It's just the truth!

As for your haiku : Word! haha and thanks :P
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