Saturday, October 16, 2004


Ramadan Haiku

It’s that time of year
No more morning java-jolt
Fast-ing makes me slow...

Haha, I like it.
and I'm diggin the "java-jolt" expression too.
is haiku allowed in ramadan or does it break the fast since its enjoyable?
My first Haiku
Is a sentence
On three lines
Tata: Thanks bro...

No sinful pleasure
God loves a creative mind
Don't think it's 7aram...

Shady q80: nice first haiku attempt :)

*just a little note for future reference:
"Traditionally" Haiku is written in 3 lines consisting of 17 syllables... In the order: 5-7-5 (that's not to say you can't bend the rules)...

Anyway, keep 'em coming y'all.

enjoy :)
beat dat slimmy hareesa
before fitoor time
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