Tuesday, October 05, 2004


This and That - Part II

Listening to: Swan Dive - by Ani Difranco (an awesome song)

Eating: "Darabeel" (a lady at work gave one to me)

Drinking: coffee again (tea ain’t cutting it)

Wearing: black

Feeling: extremely tired

Wish I was: window shopping for vintage clothes and weird music in San Francisco

Wish I had the guts to: shave my head

Wish I could speak: Japanese

Wish I had more time to: Practice my guitar / read

That’s a lot of wishing…

Last night I: went to a Spanish musical performance called “Musica Antigua” (Music from Medieval Al-Andalus, Spain) at Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiya. It was really good. It's nice to do "cultural" stuff here in Kuwait.
I mean really... How much "mall-loitering / coffee-shopping / restaurant-dwelling" can the average Kuwaiti do ?

So it was a nice change of pace...

Anyway, I feel a bit "blah", so that's it for now.

Ani Difranco is Awesome, I just heard one track for her so far "Wishin' + Hopin'" but it was good, I might download more stuff for her. Any Recommendations? Cuz she seem to have a history.

Darabeel? I Used to a Drabeel Junkie Before, But I'm clean now.

Black? Designers SHOULD Wear black ALL the time (even if i don't have anything black).

Tired? Do it Do it ... and fuck the weekend ... "Do it for the sake of iraqi children" ;)

Wish you was window shopping in san fran? yeah, wish.

Shaving your head? What? Very Ani Difranco wannabe.

Japanese? Me and a friend of mine was this close to join a Japanese class in Kuwait university. Ha. Aregato. Ha? Ha! Ha.

More time? It will come eventually.

Damn, how did i miss this. Is it the same band that played last year. did they have that Sudani dude with 3mamah and the full custom? DAMN DAMN DAMN ... Their Program this year seem almost empty when it comes to musical performances if you compared it to last year's.
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