Saturday, March 04, 2006



tech support 2

Why is it that all I.T. / Tech Support guys are such assholes?

I mean, really...

Is it so hard to stop acting like GOD for a nanosecond and actually help people out without acting like a total know-it-all prick?

hey atleast i know i won't be like that if i go into tech support .. you can count on it =P
hehe... Good to know :)
welcome back ,,, u've been missed
Welcome back!

As for the IT, there are some but I have to admit most, have that GOD complex that they are better than everyone and some places teach them to be that way! The best thing to do is fix things on your own cause sometimes it pissed them off when someone is a different (non-IT) dept can do their job!
Amen Sista! I hear ya. Been there...done that!

BTW...welcome without Amunki is dismal!
Mother Courage: Gracias!

Stallion: Yeah, I totally agree.

Jazz: Awwwwww :)
i love the cartoon! regardless of whether it applies to ppl in IT or ppl in general!! :)
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