Sunday, March 26, 2006


Holy "Rapping Reggae Rabbi" Batman!

Yo Yo..

Or should I say -- Oy Oy, "Oy Vey"... Check it!

Let me introduce you guys to
MATISYAHU -- a.k.a. My Newest Hero.


matisyahu 2

I actually saw him on Conan O'Brien not too long ago...
This guy is too cool..

A Hasidic Jewish Reggae artist.
That's right.

Shalom bitches.

Hehehe nice one!

It takes you some time to post but when you do it's amazing!
Is his beard braided?
I try to imagine him in a dishdasha :P
i think he should dye his beard funky colors as a fashion statement
You should be ashamed of yourself .. U betrayed ur people\culture .. ya Zionist.
Ok now that's hilarious.
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