Monday, April 03, 2006


Things I


So the combination of:
a) work overload
b) dust allergies
c) a terrible KFC (kids) meal

have got me in a really foul mood...

So here goes...

To vent my frustration, I am making a little list of "Random Things I Hate":

1) Reggaeton Music
(If you can even call it music).
This has GOT TO BE the worst music genre of all time.
I really believe that HELL is listening to "GASOLINA" on repeat, for all of eternity...

2) Industrial Shuwaikh
Yes. The entire area.
Potholes in the roads, shitty intersections, and of course, the worst drivers in the known universe.

3) Tomatoes
Because they're just plain gross.

4) The Pussycat Dolls
Ugh. God, don't get me started...

5) Those AWFUL Cork-Heeled-Wedge-Shaped Shoes
Seriously ladies... WTF?

6) The New Dodge Charger
What a horrible new design - such blasphemy.

7) Littering
Is it so fucking difficult to find the nearest trash can/bin?
It really makes me sick to my stomach to see the "wajha" or any park/garden/street, and the trash that assholes leave behind as souvenirs of their ignorance.

8) Cheap-crappy ballpoint pens
Unflattering for anyone's handwriting.

9) Jay Leno
What a tool. He should just quit now. Now.

10) Ministry of Health SMS ads about vaccinations
I swear, if I get one more..... Someone is getting hurt.

I agree with you on:

1) Reggaeton Music...crap!
2) Industrial Shwaikh....more crap!
4) Pussycat Dolls...cheezy!
5) cork-heeled wedge shaped shoes...LOL!
7) Littering....damn i hear ya sista!
9) Jay Leno...finally..someone who agrees with me!
10) Ministry SMS...Jazz slams mobile against the wall!

But I love tomatoes :)
I beg to differ on some points:

1) Reggaeton Music - I never new Gasolina was reggaeton, but Gasolina is pretty catchy.
2) Industrial Shwaikh - the roads are bad, but cafeteria shuweikh is delicious
4) Pussycat Dolls - pretty catchy songs too
5) cork-heeled wedge shaped shoes - don't wear heels, so does not matter to me
7) Littering - ok, I agree here
9) Jay Leno - Leno is ok, Conan is better, Letterman should retire.
10) Ministry SMS - I dont get these, but I hate junk SMS ads
I didn't know that Gasolina song was considered reggaeton.. it makes me want to pour gasolina on the dj and strike a match.. give me postpunk!

pussycat dolls - i like them on a pure fantasy level.. don'tcha is replayed in my head as they dance around in lingerie and feed me grapes.. i love the PCDS on mute.. SHA-WIIIING!

littering - i fucking hate litterbugs.. they should stop calling them bugs and start calling them litterfuqs..

Jay Leno - his chin is so hypnotizing, i usually get caught up marvelling at how big it is.. i mean really what happened to his mother when she gave birth, damn that must've left a mark..

tomatoes - defuqinlicious, i'm sure it's the watery consistency and the seeds inside that bug you.. picky eaters, you people make my lip curl up..

cork heeled shoes - I'm a big fan of the wooden Japanese slippers that really hurt.. i like watching opposite sex writhe in pain as they take small small steps..

everything Kuwait related - don't know, I don't live there..

screw ballpoint pens.. Pilot G-2 07 thickness, hell yeah..

you know what else buggs me? how come girls always order the Kids meal? i know there's more room there for a proper adult meal, what gives? honestly...

doubled up on the coffee and feel jerkinated..
Thanks for your input :)

Don Veto:
You too!

Welcome to my blog. And muchas gracias on all your comments :)

Oh, and about it the "kids meal":
It's not about the portion... I do it for the Toys man.

It's all about the toys...
1) reggaeton music - AHHHHHH i agree
2) industrial shuwaikh - an underground of illegal ppl/things
3) tomato's - ha!! i agree! no need for tomato's and olives but i dont mind ketchup or olive oil! weird?
4) pussycat dolls - how fuckin annoying can u get!?
5) cork heeled wedge shaped shoes - not a cross dresser but all heels/tight shoes look pretty uncomfortable to me!
6)dodge charger - carbon copy of that bentley stealing model of the chrysler. lost its muscle looks sadly enough.
7) littering - i agree, when u see a guy with a long beard littering its amusing to see his reaction when u enlighten him with "alnathafa min el eman" , always guaranteed a priceless look or stutter try it!
8) cheap pens - sometimes my handwriting looks really good other times like an 8 year old with those crappy pens!
9) jay leno - more of a letterman kinda guy, but like his car collection the twat.
10) ministry sms - never ending junk sms's, but there is a solution! call mtc and tell them and they can actually stop ppl from sending u adverts! halleluja

regards, ice

like the blog u should do more enteries
Original entry here. Cool, and somewhat weird, list.
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