Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Stupid Car of the Week # 11


No, your eyes do not deceive you. This actually DOES say:

Put your finger in your nose
& think about the future

Yep -- I found this beauty in Shuwaikh a couple days ago.
You can't make this stuff up folks...

It's: Lame, silly, odd, lame, perhaps semi-philosophical (in that cynical way), and oh, did I same LAME?

I can't decide if it's clever and deep on some level, or if it's the dumbest shit I have seen to date..
Damn... I think I have run out of sarcastic remarks.

On second thought: I'd like to tell him where else he can put his finger -- How's your future now buddy?

lol but compared to some of the absolute crap out there,.. this one atleast is quite profound:P
Put your finger in your nose, and think about the future?????

yup...Lame is the word. I know where else he can put his finger :) Ain't a pretty picture.
i tried it at work but i found it easier to think about my past!

welcome to Kuwait ..
Probably can SEE the future if he sticks his finger somewhere else:P
LOl , M2sat :S
LOL! I've been trying to decipher the deep hidden meaning that lies beneath the surface. This is what I came up with:

Life is so messed up, no hopes for for a bright future, so don't bother thinking at all. Therefore by putting ur finger in your nose, you're just saying f*ck the future.

This is even more lame than what was written!! :P Well at least i gave it a shot.
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