Saturday, May 13, 2006


Stupid Graffiti of the Week...

free boy


Free Boy + Heart & Arrow + Swastika + Greek Cross = WTF?

Ok... So I'm all about the "artist's right to freedom of expression" yadda yadda..
But this is just plain terrible.
Poor composition.
Incoherent flow of "symbols".
Terrible application.
And "Free Boy"??? whaaaaaaa??

It's so bad, it hurts my feelings...

"Street art" in this country needs a serious kick in the @$$.
So, I'm thinking of starting a "Mu7awil Makeover" crew.
Who's with me?

(Note: Image brought to you by - Crap Mu7awil in Jabriya)

Free_boy is probably an IRC alias: its a Jabriya thing.

As for the swastika and cross, they were probably put there by someone else.

Coherence is optional.
Im in, for sure
So, I'm thinking of starting a "Mu7awil Makeover" crew.
Who's with me?

Yalla, fooga
no broblem.
i no like bainting but is ok
im a free poy...

when we pegin? (pig-in? --->or un-pig those shameful mo7awils?)
You already know I'm down.

I don't know why but I've been wanting to get in touch with you recently for something. I just have no idea what it was ... It could be to hook you up with some kick ass music.

OH SHIT, yes ... I got your book from di mama ... still with me.
Oh, it is, is it?




Gimme! says:

Free boy loves nazi chick!

...which is an ironic relationship when you think about it.

BTW...what were u doing in Jabriya when u took the pic? You could have called me :) Wanna see more graffiti in Jabriya...check out the underground tunnel near N.E.S!
I am, beautify it! Paint ur @$$ off :-)
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