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V for Vapid Visual Venture...

V For Vendetta 2

So I finally got around to watching "V for Vendetta".
I must say I had been looking forward to this for months.
I should've known better - eager anticipation, always results in a let down...

The Verdict?
Mixed feelings, I like it, I hate it - but generally, I was not very impressed with the film.
It's unfortunate, because it had many valid points - however, too many clich├ęs, forced scenarios, weak dialogue, over-lapping ideas (that are somewhat contradictory), and poor performances from seemingly "acclaimed" actors.
(Great voice-over by Hugo Weaving though).

It deals with a variety of touchy topics such as of Violence, Terrorism, Anarchy, Fascism, American foreign policy and Homophobia.

[Keep in mind that this was supposed to be released last November 5th, however (supposedly) delayed due to the London Underground terrorist activities of last summer.]

I think they tried to fit too much in, and it ended up being a confused socio-political statement, that is neither here nor there.

Good content - Bad execution.
It's too bad really... It could have been so much better.

To me, it was more like:

V for Vile fake English accent (courtesy of the Mis-cast Miss Natalie Portman).
V for Vaunt Hollywood-big-budget-box-office-driven-attempt (from the makers of the Matrix).
V for Victims of poor comic book adaptation into film (an ANIME version would have worked better).
V for Validating terrorism (if done in the name of "Anarchy").
V for Vhat a Vaste of $54 million.

[You're better off reading George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four".]

i didnt hear anything about the film at the time.. so when I saw it I liked it a lot! I thought it just took a different approach to how reality could be.
"V for Vile fake English accent (courtesy of the Mis-cast Miss Natalie Portman). " So true.

I walked out of the cinema pleased. I hadn't wasted my time or money. You can't say that about most of the movies playing nowadays.
1984 is an awesome book =)
We for Wendetta vas a total vaste of time and I must agree I vas expecting a much better mowie especially that I hawe vaited to see it for quite a vhile.
I hawe to giwe it to you... I agree vith your rewiew..
It should be remade in Anime.
Had alot of good points i liked tbh...

in V for vendetta you just have to break up the scenese and think alittle then you'l get the msg i think, Wachowski brothers seem to like to present their films like that for some reason.

"Our films were never intended for a passive audience. There are enough of those kinds of films being made. We wanted our audience to have to work, to have to think, to have to actually participate in order to enjoy them"

The Wachowski Brothers in some interview..I dunno about the way they presented the movie i didnt care much kuz i was too busy thinking during the movie, which i realy liked..
I[ve always admired Natalie P. in every role but regardless ur review makes me wanna watch it though with the current situation in the MiddleEast I doubt I'll be watching it anytime soon since I iz glued on Arabia, LBC, Euronews & Manar for the time being.
I loved the movie and love Portman regardless of the fake British accent. Authenticity can be overrated sometimes. We know she's not British, she's acting a part.

But comparing it to such a great work of literature as Orwell's 1984 is not very fair. Bare in mind te audience differs between the two. Movies have to aim for a wider range of 'readers' which means they have to sarifice, sometimes, the artistic element for the sake of pleasing the public. I mean hey, if Charles Dickens changed his endings to cater to his readers, we shouldn't expect any less from our 21st century movie makers.

Cheers :*

No shit... I know she's "acting a part".
The part of a "British woman".
So she should have done exactly that.
But she failed miserably.

I can totally understand if you like her as an actress. So did I at one point... But to justify her shitty performance in THIS film... That I cannot agree with.

"Authenticity can be overrated sometimes" <---- Wow. I don't EVEN know where to start with that one...

And how is comparing it to Orwell's 1984 "not fair" ?
They ripped off many elements/themes... I think that gives someone a basis for comparison, no?

And as for "pleasing the public"..
THAT in my opinion is over-rated..
Especially when the majority of the public audience are relatively poor "readers" and have a high level of literary ignorance.

Like I said, the film COULD have been great... But it wasn't.
And that's my personal opinion.

Just because I liked some parts, does not mean I will sit around and make excuses for money-hungry-film-makers who insult my intelligence and "artistic" appreciation.
"Movies have to aim for a wider range of 'readers' which means they have to sarifice, sometimes, the artistic element for the sake of pleasing the public."

With all dues respect... that should be a dictionary definition of the entry "SELL OUT MOVIE."
I liked a few of the things in V for vendetta but from what I have seen the movie was a Watchowski waste of wisdom in celluloid.

Too many things brought together in too short of a span of time, V's "love" of eevy was tacked on at teh very end and the stupid references to George w Bush were way too obvious.

Here is a note to people who loved this movie: If the original Author does not support it, then expect it to be shit.

With that said, everytime I see this movie I end up wanting to shave my head and blow stuff up
oh too bad.. i was looking forward to it!!

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