Monday, August 07, 2006


Stupid Book of The Week...

speak like american

speak like american 2

That's right...
You too can "Speak Like American With Confidence".

Hmmm... What's wrong with that sentence, I wonder?

As the title suggests, this book (found at Sultan Center - Sharq) contains common American slang / colloquial dialogue and phrases/sayings etc., for the non-native speaker.

(Notice the "quality" cd it comes with... )


"This book is help for me to sbeek like American very shizzle and knowing the best say for the talk".

[NOTE: when reading all the viewer comments, make sure you READ COMMENT # 14, (written by me) to properly understand what this post is about...]

lol... I'm gonna send you the picture of the "Intellective" computer we saw...
were zis! i want to speaka london fery best too.
what the habben?

we sbeak the english cool-man..

what the habben with "wheels of cheese" topic?

it's like hooked on phonics but for the middle eastern world.. "hooked on Amreekee"
Send it send it!

Zat iz very best indeed.

Bahraini Rants:
LOL... I shall make my next post about "Wheels of Cheese". I am cross for the fingers very muchly.
Coming soon: "Stop Sbeak Eggiptian... How do you does?"
I like your blog, check out mine
Who wants to speak like an American??
Hehe! I never stumbled across a book of such nature! Speak with confidence my @$$! What do they want to promote here! When we use the American slang, we get mocked and referred to as “Wannabes”… jeese! Next effort to taking over the world I guess; As if we need more people sayin: "yer baby fada" or " Bling Bling"!

Ama use my beeerfekt 3nglish heer; Zat iz the bestest laim bok in my eye!
A Bottle In The Sea!
I know that it's hopeless to write this down, but it would be so great to find what I'm looking for!
Here it goes;

I'm looking for an adult male pure breed West Highland White Terrier.

If you have one, or know someone who has one, or know someone who could help me to find one, I'll be interested in buying it!

So could you all please spread this?

I know that it's a rare breed in Kuwait, but I would love to have it, fix your price!

P.S In case you don't know how it looks like just Google it!
Haha! loved the last sentence, it's funny how desprate people are for America.
i didnt get it ? do they mean learn how to speak with american accent ?
Give up?
I want to speak like an American!

Let me Clarify ONCE AND FOR ALL...

The point of this post is not whether you want to speak with an American accent or not...

Obviously some of you have no clue when it comes to ENGLISH GRAMMAR...

The title states:

SPEAK LIKE AMERICAN with confidence...

Any 3rd grader can tell you that there is something wrong with that sentence.

It should be either:

a) Speak like AN American...

or possibly

b) Speak like Americans (plural)

I hope this clears it up for those of you who don't get it...

My post was to mock the grammar of the book's title... And is not an attack on America/Americans or their accent.

Ok? Good.
Hope that clears it up for everyone..
what are you doing taking a page from my book of lackadaisical posting? give us something..
Dudes seriously ! its supposed to be :


WTF is wrong with these people ddnt anyone proofread it or something before they publish it?
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