Sunday, September 24, 2006


The Holy Month of Detox...

happy ramadan card

No Eating
No Drinking
No Smoking
No Sex
No Pill-popping
(And the worst one of all...)
No Ice-cream!

Ummm... I'm confused... So tell me again -- Why is it that everyone is so cranky??

Happy Abstinence Y'all...

[Note: I made other versions of this card, which I might submit later - depending on comments. -- hint hint.]

Oooh, pretend I said something something witty in reference to the no icecream... I really tried to come up with something bas even when I'm not fasting, it takes ti~ime :/ so yeah, Happy RamRam, Amunki!
Felice Navidad
laish no sex laish no icecream!
ahaam shay el pillsss !!!!!!!
hehe ice cream addict:) all those no's sure make them eligible to being the reason for the chaos in the country now:) nice sticker by the way, u should pass it around all households
No swearing?

Loved it. Keep them coming :D
are you hangin' in there ?
Ok we see talent in your work ;)... We want your blog! Check us out!
I can't come up with something, I think you wrote about the essential.
Well i do them all in Ramadan!
No cursing as well, which I miss much, especially while driving :)
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