Saturday, October 14, 2006


Stupid Lawn Ornament of the day...

Ok... So I'm driving around Mishref, and I spot this "Lawn Ornament/Sculpture".

wtf creature

At first glance from afar, I thought, "Oh... Some kind of dolphin".
The closer I got however, I began to get more and more disturbed.

So I did what I usually do.
I trespassed to get a better look, and take the obligatory photos.

WTF is this?
A Dolphin? A Trout? Shamu's Somalian Orca cousin?

wtf creature close up

Don't get me wrong...I'm all about abstraction -- but I highly doubt that was what these people were going for.

(It looks like a 2nd grade "Papier-Mâché" art project gone terribly wrong.)

wtf before and after

As you can see, on the left is the original.
With a couple of crappy brush stokes, it somehow resembles a (rather fugly) horsie.


So yeah. What a pathetic (and creepy) thing to place on your lawn.

[Note: When in doubt -- stick to Gnomes]

What about that roundabout with stuff stuck out resembling something else?
It's Orca meets Flipper after swimming through some radioactive water?
who ever did that thing., believed that he is an artist :P
hahah...where the hell in Mishref is this? never seen it!! brush work i might add!!:)
The Seven Wonders of Mishref

1). The "mamsha" a.k.a. the exercise track.

2). The Globe on a roundabout
(I do wish it spun though).

3). Al-Rmai7.

4). The "Parking-lot of Doom" near Al-Rmai7 (which has its own rush hour, and believe me you better not get caught in it).

5) The Pyramids of "NO PARKING."

6). The Duwwar of Eros.

7). And now Shamu (with pulled out wisdom teeth).
Of course... The Duwwar of Eros (as we like to call it).
I am dedicating an Entire website to that one!

lol :)

Poor delusional fools. Don't they know that Crack is Whack?

It was on that road off of the Globe roundabout, leading to the Mamsha.

The 7 Wonders indeed...
We shall chronicle them all in detail.
From the Dildo Duwwar to Al-Rumai7's legendary Falafel sandwiches, yo!



that was funny
lol.. that is one sad "so called" art!!

where exactly in Mishref is this ? I must pay this place a visit :)
Whatever this sea creature is, looks like its trying to hump the rock!
its a trout on steriods !
I can't believe I missed this one when I was back there.
Damn what a sucks!!
actually, what is most shocking for me is that the 'horse-phin' looks like it is (dry) humping the rock with an expession of lust and pain at the same time...kinda scary....
Not another Rorschach test!!!!...
All I can see is a bi-racial seal couple F>>>ing on a rock. What up?
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