Saturday, December 23, 2006


Happy Holidays...

Maury Christmas

'Tis the season and all that...


So here's to:

La la
Boo Hoo
Hip Hip

Be Nice.
Play Fair.
Or Karma will kick your ass.

~ Peace and love and cuddly stuff ~

Lol! Happy Everything to you too :)
lol Hilarious!
Cut down on tv, Amunki.

And Maury Christmas to you too.
مايجوز المباركه لغير المسلميين الله يجزاج خيير
I haven't slept since 2006! Thats one heck of a cuppucino I ordered. I wanted to wish you happy holidays and don't let mr. anonymous with his "مايجوز " talk bother you. eheh see I read your comments too. Luv ya always & foreva
Thanks :)

Haha... No time to watch tv as of late, I'm afraid.
But heck, with his show -- once you've seen one, you've seen 'em all :p

You're funny.

My Little Gatu:
Thanks pumpkin. Yeah, I pay people like that no mind.
Happy New Year!
Thats hillarious!

I couldn't remember your website. I missed the stupid cars of the week posts. It happened to hit me when I was looking on myspace, lol.

Hey, you are back, I checked your blog every day until I gave up.
Thanks bro.
And the stupid cars are all here, just check the archive :)

Blue Ice Envy:
Nooooooo! Thou shalt never give up Amunkiiiiii!
I appreciate you checking and comin' back.
Persistence is the shizz :)
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