Monday, January 22, 2007


Stupid Car of the Week # 14

life free or dia

I caught this stunner from the corner of my eye (outside of Souq Al Salmiya), and I thought "Oh, hellllll no..."

So, in the middle of Friday night traffic, I literally got out of the car, and walked 10 cars back to capture this beauty.

I'm guessing this poor guy was going for the more motivational phrase:

"Live Free, Or Die."

but it ended up:

"Life Free, Or Dia"

* Doesn't it just make you cringe?

LOL... good thing he didnt put Bruce Willis' picture there too! Good one!
loooooool...i had to go the archieve to look at all the stupid car of the week posts....

looooooooool seriously ....keep the camera rollin :)
What bothers me, is that why don’t the ones making the stickers for them try to correct them? you might say maybe cos they don’t know English.. well.. as a matter of fact, I asked some of them in shwaikh, they said that they really don’t care, they give the customer exactly what they ask for, right or wrong, they could care less.. which is a bummer actually to find people think like that..

off topic, but the W.V. is not so important anymore, they made it extra hard for spammers to actually automate it, you might get one spam once every three months or so, so please.. can you take it off.. I typed it three times already for this comment.. :(
Maybe DIA stands for "Die in Action," or sthn'. :P
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