Sunday, February 11, 2007


My Hala February Patriotic Post...

This is one of the funniest things I have seen in my adult life.
I shall call it:

"Stupid Self-Promotion of The Decade".

The images you are about to see were taken exactly one year ago (to the day), in the Virgin display case (at Marina Mall).

It took me 10 minutes before I could stop laughing, wipe the tears from my eyes, and take the photos.

(I don't know why on earth I never posted this earlier)

Ok... Here we go -- Brace yourself!

abdel momeet 1

abdel momeet 3

So, apparently this is the "Wrestling Champion of the Middle East".

His Name: "Abdel-Momeet". ("Worshipper-of-the-Bringer-of-Death").
His Nationality: Kuwaiti.
His Outfit: OMG...

How the hell can anyone take this guy seriously?

Oh man, this is so wrong, on so many levels.

a) Homeboy needs a sports bra.

b) Notice what he did to the Kuwaiti flag.
WHY man? Why?! What did the poor flag ever do to you?

c) Ummm ... I think a) and b) pretty much sum it up.

[And here's his website in case you want more of this national treasure...]

Happy Hala February Y'all...


Min zeman ma re7t Marina mall but this is so hilarious
the pic is so ugly !!!
he's got boobies !
it might be worth finding out how good he actually wrestles.. someone should check out a fight of his.

holy man breastesess..
In tears? You were practically rolling on the floor outside or Virgin... lol..

This makes me curious to see if any other Middle Eastern wrestler is a potential candidate to become the 5th TeleTUBBY... hehe
Ma yeshof shar inshalla, he's going to scare tourists away (that's if there were going to be any) ;p
LMAOF!! He's got more cleavage than.... a woman with really big cleavage!! :D what's the pic on the belt though - it looks like two ppl making out!
hahahahaha too funny... my stomach hurts...

FYI, did you know that Abdel Momeet is looking for a:

Marketing specialist

Experience in marketing (not less than 1 year)

Experience in bringing sponsors (at least 1 time)

Very well presentation skills.

Living in Kuwait.

If you are interesting for this job vacancy please send your CV to our management

LOOOOOOL i remember seeing this poster last year and i also cracked up!! thanks for the hilarious memory:)

*is literally on the floor laughing*

LA LA LA!! shino hatha?!!

the poor kuwaiti flag!

the poor spandex stuck to him!!

the poor training bra he's going to buy!!
he ruined our flag!!

why? why would he do such a thing?
and he really needs to get a bra for his next fight :P
I know, right?

He should totally work at "Hooters".

Bahraini Rants:
Umm.. Yeah... It takes a lot of *ahem* talent to talk trash and fake a fall :p

Tinky Winky.

Ms. Loala:
Totally! And what's scary is he looks all proud and serious.

The belt - LOL

I should totally quit my job.

Sure thing man... Anytime :)

Hehehe. 7adda maskeeeeeeeen.

I know. It's so sad, yet hilarious at the same time :)
oh i god i cant stop laughing
and the flag, why man WHYYyYYy
i feel even more sorry for the guys who actually took orders to put the poster up, imagine the embarrasment!! lol... i feel sorry for the guy, maskeen.. loOl
wtf the cleavage? that's gonna make all the she-males in town green with envy haahhaha
Its my first time reading your blog and i love it amaaaazing...all of ur posts are great hehe theres finally someone who understands how the country had ridiculous stuff
This is disturbing beyond all words! And I thought the guys in the circus wearing tight pants and holding each other's "stuff" in a human pyramid was disturbing
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