Saturday, February 03, 2007


Indie Flick of The Week...

sad music

sad music 3

I watched this not too long ago.
Highly recommended. 2 Munki-thumbs up!

A definite must-see for indie/art film-whores.

Some favourite quotes:

"Mary: No one can beat the Siamese when it comes to dignity, cats, or twins"

"Fyodor: Are you an American?
Narcissa: No, I'm not an American. I'm a nymphomaniac."

For more info...

Happy viewing.

Never heared of it, but looking at the website you provided it sounded more like chicago, i guess..?
Oh no no... Nothing like Chicago..
Much more surrealist...
(Think: old "Luis Buñuel")
It's such a bizarre film.
You just have to see it for yourself :)
Oh interesting.. will check out..
I have to say that I love your blog.
"Think of going to virgin again"
I feel like a cultural illiterate when the only reference I have of Isabella Rossilini was from that episode of Friends: When Ross chose 5 celebrities he would sleep with. :-P

if you remember he bumped her for Wynona Ryder who is more "local." LOOOL
So wierd! I was just starting to read my blogs since I haven't blogged in like 'EVER! And I couldn't get through to ur blog.. so I'm like OK let me check mine..and I saw ur comment!! Damn.. ok whatever it's like 8:31 am everything is strange to me.

Life Free or Dia!
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