Saturday, February 03, 2007


Seriously.... When will it end?


Why, oh why?

Die! Die! Die!

Surely by now you all know of my hatred and repulsion towards the "Hummer" by-products.

I honestly can't put into words how much I loathe this:
Gas-Guzzler / Eco-Murderer / Eye-Sore / Urban-Assault-Vehicle.

Let alone a "Sprite-Green" one in the middle of a mall!

Yup. This disgusting icon of "Soul-less Car manufacturers" and "Big Oil" makes me see red every time. Without fail.

Thank you for making it cold in Kuwait, and warm in Moscow- you a$$holes.

So here's a big F.U. to all those bastards that continue to rape Mother Nature.

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Ok... I just had to get that out of the way...
Have a nice day :)

Aha! that gave me a new idea to add in the business profile of Hummer. Why not make a hybrid?! and build solar-thermal power plants that converts our inferno of a summer into a new source of energy. Bas il naas matfakir!!

Yeah. You'd think that ALL cars were hybrids by now...

It's not like they haven't thought of it, or that it's impossible...

The reason it hasn't happened (yet) is because Oil companies are seemingly "married" to certain car manufacturers (To keep them in business).

And it doesn't look like they're going to go "Eco" anytime soon.
And by the time it happens, it will be too late.

Que pendejos.

Revolt people!
i hate everything about hummers. they're dumb, ugly, and destructive to the environment
Is it just me or are hummer ugly? I mean... they take up like 2 parking spots, munch gas like it was popcorn, plus you look like ur driving a tank which isn't a good look.

Anyhoo nice blog :D
i hate hummers and that color is definitely bad to my eyes! NASTY!!! once in lebanon i saw the new BMW 6 series with a saudi plate. It was the only one in Lebanon but IT WAS PINK!!!!!!!

Thanks :)

Haha. Yeah... It still amazes me when people try so hard to pimp their rides, and they just look like idiots in the end...

*** And for those of you who still haven't seen it, make sure you check my:

Classic Post on H2's
But dude, it is a Hummer. Don't mess with Hummer. Hummer will squish your soul.

I don't have a Hummer.
you guys are stupid. do some research.HUMMER H3 gets the same MPG as the Highlander Hybrid. i have both. i know. Hummer has such a negative halo around its brand because of people who dont do research. by 2010 they will release all Hummers with hybrid attributes. the H2 right now has kits available to allow it to use biodiesel. a large portion of H1 owners converted years ago since it becomes so cheap when you use biodiesel it makes no sense to continue to use conventional diesel. please do some research and stop being so irrational. if you hate the hummer H3 then you should hate the escalade, the astrovan, the ford f250-f350, the gmc jimmy 1986-2000, i mean the list is pretty extensive. Hummer is the least of your worries in the pollution department. It is highly entertaining how under-educated you eco-supporters are. you dont care. you'll skim this post and classify me as a "republican" or "the enemy" and deem my opinion invalid due to the contrasting view on this topic it doesnt matter to me because believe it or not i bought the hummer H3 because it was BETTER on gas than my last vehicle. interestingly enough thanks to you people the hummer, which is better on gas than the previously mentioned car, gets a bed spotlight around it. my old car was just fine and when i traded it in the vehicle was not on the list of "gas guzzling" vehicles...[GM ran a program if you trade in a gas guzzling vehicle you received a compensation for "helping the earth"] i mean either way im smiling all the time now, to the pump, from the pump and everywhere in between.

i need to ask though. what made you dislike this brand so much? when there are hundreds of other vehicles worse than the Hummer on the roads today.

you aren't petitioning Nascar for wasting gas and polluting the air.

you aren't writing to chinese delegates to try to get them to shift from using coal in their factories [pollution from china is reaching california. its crossing the entire pacific ocean. that is a LOT of pollution]
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