Monday, March 12, 2007


Stupid car of the week # 15

clean your hand 1

clean your hand

Nope. That's it. Forget it man... "Clean Your Hand"

يعني "اغسل ايدك" ؟

This is so lame.

whats really lame is you chasing after misspelled, misterpreted car stickers...we've all seen it, laughed at it and joked about it we need not to see it again on a blog....u say u have an opinion in ur profile..I say not!

Seriously get a life
Thanks for leaving me a message on my blog. I was wondering where you'd disappeared to :D

*laughs* Where DO you find these cars? I like how there's an American flag air freshner inside the car. Should they be washing their hands or should we clean our hands off them? :P
Oooh... Someone is crabby...
Why, does this happen to be your car or something?

So, you don't like my latest post...
This is not a popularity contest.
If you don't like the blog - take your mouse and click elsewhere.

I don't have the time to reply to stupid comments. (And I'm being REALLY nice here...)

So I'll do you the favour of NOT deleting your comment, to show you how "lame" you sound.

P.s. Use your spell-check next time, "Mr. Misterpreted".

They're everywhere...
You can't help but to stumble upon them :)

min 7alat el sayara? :p
I think what our grammatically incorrect friend is trying to say is, "how long will we laugh at these people before we start realizing the sad truth of who we are and where we live?"

"seriously, get a life" - sounds like a brutal game show doesn't it?

I think that would be a great new series of posts on this blog.. "seriously, get-a-life"

i think we may be onto something here..
Crack me up all the time!

I think you should run an art display series on these car stickers and see how they link to the issues of identity in Kuwait and the relation to the West/the English language.

And if that fails, atleast it'll stay damn funny still...
lol, you think thats lame, look at this pic:

.. no comment. rofl.
"Why, does this happen to be your car or something?"
Keep it going girl ;-)
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