Sunday, May 06, 2007


About damn time...

I don't usually do celebrity gossip - but this is just too good...

Paris gets 45 days in Jail

That trashy brat had it comin'.

Ummm... How can people NOT believe in God? :)

haha! The poor thing won't last a day in that jail! She'll get beaten up and then gang banged!

But seriously, on a more humane note. Why does it seem like everyone is out to get her?
They are out to get her because she is a fake/over-priveleged/over-rated/ditzy/slutty/racist.

(Surely you have heard of her many many previous scandals).

I believe in "Live & Let Live"...
However, she should pay for her actions, like everyone else.

You break the law - you deal with the consequences. Simple.

I am sick and tired of "celebrities" getting away with everything.

It's the American "Was6a".
And I think it's ridiculous.
the stupid cow do not get it even ! she pay victim ...
So God sent Paris to jail? What happened? Hell was overbooked? :)
YAY for that! She deserved it!! she was messing around since ever .. Its finally time to lock her up.. maybe its her chance to be a different person .. oh one more thing .. I think Lindsay Lohan in her way to jail as well ..
HAHA 3 days and she is done!
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